Necessities to Making Your Dreams Come True

You need the following in order to take your dream from a passing thought to reality :

(1) A Clear Vision
(2) Positivity from Yourself and Those Around You
(3) Conviction Mixed with Arrogance
The challenge begins when you have to identify your dream.  It will feel like a marathon.  You are constantly being tested and having to push in the direction of the unknown.  You are creating this figment of your imagination into reality and that can be a scary thing.  But if you let go of that fear and doubt and focus on how to make it happen then you are walking the road less travelled.
A Clear Vision
Having a clear working vision can help you first identify what it is you are creating in your life.  It will then serve as a reminder when you are doubting even yourself.   This can come in the form of a vision board for some.  Also remember that it is ok for the vision to transform into something slightly different then you originally planned.  That’s just life for you.  You can plan all you want, but you have to maintain a sense of freedom to allow for slight shifts.
Positivity from Yourself & Those You Surround Yourself
You are your own boss when it comes to your dream.  No one is going to remind you to keep going, push harder, but also ease up when needed.  You have to maintain your self belief when everything feels a bit upside down.  It feels upside down because it is uncertain.  But that is normal.  Its also important to surround yourself with people who believe in you.  As negativity can feed the doubt and deter your movement forward.
Conviction Mixed with Arrogance
Sometimes you have to shut the world out in order to listen to your heart.  People like to transfer their own fears on others.  Especially when they see them really going for it.  It is not their fault its just a natural reaction to uncertainty.  Be respectfully arrogant, have a strong sense of self and conviction that what you are doing is right.
This is your journey and your life.  You must understand what you want out of it before you can make it come true.  Remember it is possible if you want it bad enough, but get ready for the run of your life!


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