About A Girl & A Dream

First of all thank you so much for joining me on this journey.  There have been many times when I thought to delete the blog, but something within me said to keep pushing forward with it.  The only way I can write about my experiences is by expressing my raw emotion.  I am too honest to write it in any other way.
My blog received 1000+ views in a day and emails are coming in with words of encouragement and gratitude.  Very humbled and blessed!
I know that some of you already know my journey, but I thought to summarise again in a bit of detail…
Bali Fashion Dream
One girl’s journey to making all her dreams come true
Purpose of Blog
To inspire and encourage people to dream. I want to showcase that anything is possible, if you truly believe.  It reveals the range of emotions experienced along the way. When the time comes and people ask ‘how did you make it all happen’.  It will be there in digital black and white.
Changing Plans
2013 was the year that all my dreams began coming true.  I left London to set up a fashion company in Bali with a mission to utilise its eventual commercial success to fund various charitable ventures.
The original plan involved me setting out to Bali to evaluate the commercial viability of the project.  My partner of 7 years was to follow not long after. Despite my deep love for this person, I very quickly realised that I was to spread my wings and sore to new heights without him by my side.
After we finalised the practical aspects of the separation, I wasn’t sure how I would make it happen but I knew that I would find a way.
My Destiny
This journey began 13 years ago at the age of 17 I knew I was destined to do a great many things.  I wanted to utilise my talents to help those in need.  So I was on a mission to become the ultimate fashion entrepreneur.  Leaving my life in the US, I moved to London for work and study.
It was only last year that the time had come for me to release the safety net of my life and make these dreams come true.
Background Advantage
I was born on remote island in Indonesia to missionary parents with an American father and Indonesian mother.  Moving to the US when I was three, it was there I developed the American ambition and work ethic.  The eight years in London contributed to my academic and cultural evolution.
I chose Bali for an improved work life balance.  Instead of spending 2-4 weeks of the year in a holiday destination, I decided to swap the distribution.  Bali is not only rich in sun, food and surf but it also has many fashion business opportunities.
Stay tuned and keep dreaming!!!

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