Believing Before Seeing

I’m not sure where I get the confidence to think that I can change the world.  But there has never been a doubt in my mind.  Its not a matter of if more a matter of when.

When I handed in my notice at work, I wasn’t sure how the story would unfold.  So I jumped off the cliff of my life and waited to see where I landed. The first few months felt like searching for something in the dark.  But I remembered something someone once asked me ‘if you know that what you want is guaranteed to happen, how would you react differently?

We spend a lot of our life worrying and waiting in anticipation that a certain outcome will result.  Instead of worrying if my business will succeed, I find a way to feel that success now.  I allow myself to  live in the future I want to create.  Full conviction not a shadow of a doubt, like an old tree deeply rooted in the earth.  I do not waiver in my emotional present and future reality.

I put myself in a place where I can imagine all these things and be filled with so much love, joy and excitement.  Whenever challenges have surfaced as of late I try to find the lesson or direction in them.

When I arrived on April 4th 2013 (2 1/2 months earlier) all I had was a vision, my intelligence, a certain amount of funding and an undying faith.  After that it has been blood, sweat and tears!  When speaking about what I have achieved and learned in such a sort time I feel blessed.


  1. Completion of 2 Fashion Project first season collections – Elizabeth Grace London and The Mother & Daughter Collection
  2. Understanding the Manufacturing process and Building key relationships with Owners in Bali
  3. Sampling product for 3 London Clients
  4. Designing and Sampling a Resort Menswear Collection to be produced and sold in Bali
  5. Found ready made beach accessories to be sold in the US & UK – sarongs, bracelets and necklaces (soon available on BaliFashionDream online shop)
  6. First Draft of Bali Fashion Group website to launch by the end of June
  7. Blog with 11,500 views in less then 2 months time
  8. Learning to Surf
  9. Improving my Indonesian language
  10. Moving into larger but cheaper accommodation in August
  11. Loving every minute of my life despite the challenges
Now I have to make an extra effort to improve my work life balance.  After I finalise the work from this first season.  I am off to Lombok to learn to surf for one week.  My wounds should have healed and I am in a good place to enjoy life even more.

I know how difficult it is to make tough decisions as we do not know the outcome and are afraid of the unknown.  Instead of worrying that something bad will happen, what if we concentrate on the possibility of the best case scenario.  We manifest what we feel, if we feel love for life and our work we create that, if we are worried and think a not so pleasant experience will result then it probably will.

Worry does not protect you from anything it only harms.

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