Why I Chose to Move to Bali?

Hey why not its amazing here!  No but seriously, I was living in London for 7 years and the weather just took its toll.  I am a better version of myself when surrounded by warm weather and sunshine.  Combine that with making my dreams come true then I would have to say that is the perfect life for me.  As mentioned before I didn’t see the connection of fashion business and Bali until last year.  I had visited over the past two years and just felt so alive here.  Especially when riding on the back of a motorbike taking in all the sense stimuli like the smell of incense, sun on my skin, laughter in the air and rice fields that surround.

I missed having a summer and walking around barefoot in the sand.  The other reason was the concern for an improved work life balance.  I felt that in London more hours were spent in the office and less time enjoying life.  Nutrition and health played into the decision as I knew that I would be more active in a warm climate with yoga, surfing and maybe even hiking.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are readily available, instead of being picked premature and then dyed to look appetising.

I found my solution when on holiday last year.  I thought of the idea of setting up a fashion sourcing agency.  I would be the ideal candidate for this type of work.  I was born in Indonesia, grew up in the US educated in the UK and have been working in the fashion industry for the past 13 years.  In addition, I would have access to cheap labour and can sample my own collections very easily.

There are def challenges that I hadn’t considered initially, but as a whole I am beyond happy about my decision.  Sometimes when I walk to my local warung for breakfast, I feel a flood of emotion filling my heart with love for my life.  The butterflies dancing through the palm trees, while the sun warms my skin…for me this truly is paradise.

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