When Dreams Come True

There is this belief that dreams realised provide inner peace and fulfilment.  Today we finished up the last correction on my first collection.  There is an excitement that consumes me throughout the day, but there is also the bothersome mind. Putting thoughts that attempt to bring me down and slow my momentum.  Mainly thoughts to do with things I cannot control.  Sometimes the mind wins the battle and I get lost in abyss of a downward spiral. I find myself taking big gasps of air as I have forgotten to breath full breaths as the tension rises in my chest.  These thoughts do not pass on their own, I have to actively pull myself back into the present and take joy in all things.

Life truly is a beautiful blessing because we are given so many chances to focus on the light.  We all struggle everyday, fighting the same battle.  Some battles we win and others we lose, but as long as we keep fighting then it is worth it in the end.

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