Motorbike Accident

As we drove back into manic Kuta, I decided not to allow the motorbike accident deter me from learning to ride.  When I took the front seat I was uncertain and stressed as the traffic passed.  I lost control and couldn’t think logically.  I braked roughly at the last minute which left me with many scratches, broken handbag and a fear of driving a motorbike.  We had crossed the median to on coming traffic.  Yes yes I know I was totally in the wrong for trying to learn on the road with my first go.  Sometimes we make poor judgements that should have been obvious at the time.

Through out the remainder of the day, I couldn’t help but think about my feelings toward driving a motorbike.  I have always been on the back, I had only recently learned to relax enough to keep my eyes open when weaving through traffic.  Despite my fears I know I am suppose to learn to ride the motorbike.  Many would disagree due to the danger involved, but there are dangers all around us.  In order for me to gain more independence and mobility here on the island I need to conquer my fear.  That does not mean I will go out on the road again, but I will for sure spend time in a parking lot learning until I let go of that fear.

It would be easy to give up and put it down to it being dangerous, but fears are meant to be conquered not feed.  Mistakes and failures are never a good enough reason to give up on something you believe in!

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