Stronger Then We Give Ourselves Credit

In life sometimes we avoid making difficult choices because we fear that we are not strong enough.  I thought when I moved to Bali that I could only do it with Lucas by my side.  But what I have now realized is that I am much stronger then I ever thought I could be.

Everything is coming together better then I imaged.  Work is going well.  I have finalized sample pricing for two clients in London.  Received a commission to design a small menswear range.  Elizabeth Grace London Spring Summer 2014 collection is almost complete.  The mother and daughter collection is getting close to second sample stage.  There are also a few new opportunities on the horizon.

If I had doubted my own strength I may have made alternative choices.  Its hard work for sure, but it is possible.  As Lucas had said during the split, I am going through my metamorphisis.  The struggles are just the growing pains, its time for me to spread my wings and fly.

Time to be free to be me!

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