Sky’s the Limit

Your dreams can only follow where you allow your mind to take you.  We live in a great big world with many opportunities, but sometimes its easy for us to focus on our circumstances and make decisions around those.  But what if you could think blue sky where would your dreams take you?

One day last year I decided to dream big!  I disregarded my current circumstances and thought about a place where I would be happy.  My mind wanderings took me to Bali.  I began to imagine myself walking on the beach doing yoga then finishing the morning practise with a breakfast of colourful fruits with a flower in my hair.

Then I began to think of the dream in more practical aspects. Ok so how can I make a living here in Bali while doing what I love.  The idea came to me when on holiday last year.  I was helping the company I was working for follow up on some production.

After a nice day in the sun, I layed on my hotel bed day dreaming about a life in Bali.  The wheels began turning about the agency business.  Exactly a year later I arrived in Bali with only a dream in my pocket!

Do not allow the excuses to create barriers separating you from your dreams…anything is possible if you believe.

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