Freedom for Movement

When life is uncertain, sometimes we have a natural instinct to control and contain it.  The reality is that life is made for freedom.  Its like trying to hold our hand in a tight fist, in time we end up tiring and only hurting ourselves.  We must let go and allow the string to unravel in the only way that it can.  What is meant to be will reveal itself in time.  Most of life’s answers are to remain a mystery until the appropriate time.

I struggle everyday to be present. Once I cleared my plate at lunch, I came to realize that I completely missed out on the entire meal.  My mind was consumed with so many thoughts.  I can’t even remember the taste of the food.  The owner of the warung (restaurant) looked up from his paper as I pushed my chair in…’makan cepat’ (you ate so fast).

Its easy to get lost in our thoughts, but when those trails of consciousness are centred around controlling a situation we must learn to free ourselves of this habit and just be here…not lost in the past, the future or any other place. Next meal I will make sure to savour every bite.

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