Transformation Below the Surface

After having surfed a few good waves with the help of my instructor I was hopeful to make quick progress on my own.  But for some reason I kept catching the waves just a bit too late.  I didn’t have the familiar voice guiding me ‘ok paddle now…fast…STAND UP!  I had to judge the timing on my own which happened to be completely off.  I swam back out I don’t know how many times to try and try again.

Eventually something became clear to me, as I fought against the strong current.  This lesson wasn’t about standing up perfectly and riding a great wave.  It was about getting a natural sense of myself on my own in the water.  It may have appeared that I hadn’t made much progress.  But I knew below the surface in my mind and body there was a transformation happening.

With the process of setting up Bali Fashion Group, I feel like I am constantly paddling out.  I haven’t caught any amazing waves yet.  But I know its going to happen soon enough. Life happens in its own time.  If I am patient and persistent I know that my surfing will excel along with the company!


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