A Self Masterpiece

As I made my way to my new place, I was overwelmed by all the beautiful butterflies fluttering about.  I have always seen these creatures as good omens.  They appear when I am on the right track reminding me to keep going and that everything will be just fine.

In 2005, before moving to London I had to write an entrance essay to the university.  Inspired by a butterfly with a hole in its wing, A Self Masterpiece as it was titled spoke of an unfulfilled life.  

‘Life is like a butterfly with a hole in its wing, moving from left to right up to down.  A world of black and white where life is a mere monotonous chore.  Every exhale is is full of exhaustion and the inhale full of regret. Only fulfillment will lead to movement forward and up.  Find your personal legend and be the person you are destined to be!’

So much of my life has prepared me for this very special journey.  Silly to say, but feels a bit like a soldier going out to war.  This experience is a blessing. But it is definitely a battle everyday. Not with any external forces, as the greatest challenge one faces is the battle with the self.



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