A Bit of Madness Makes For A Life Worth Living

Who knew so much would change in just 2 months time.  Despite the emotional oscillations I am starting to get back into the rhythm of life here in Bali.  Appreciating my solitary 6am walks for sunrise beach yoga.  Followed by a delicious breakfast at the local warung (restaurant).

While sorting out some dye work for a client, I was able to see the process of hand dying and screen printing.  Very old school: the water is heated with fire wood and the screens all applied by hand.  The fabric is then air dried and washed in cement basins.  They even have the option to use small stamp blocks to apply the print as well.

I know that I am on track and doing all the right things.  There was a point where I was concerned that my family and friends may have thought me mad.  I have decided to be a bit selfish and live my life the way I have dreamed it to be with decreased concern for what others may think.  It takes a bit of madness to do great things and conviction to follow through.

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