Relax Girl Take It Easy

My mind has been working on overdrive these days.  Trying to find a way for all things to work out.  I am still learning that there are moments to push and moments to let go.  I have to believe with all my heart that the universe will make a way.

The pounding music coming from the clubs on the legian strip matched the busyness of my mind.  Hilda and I decided to go out for some ice cream while enjoying an evening stroll on the beach.  After 4 hours of walking my thoughts began caving in, but before they could escalate the familiar voice chimed in ‘relax girl take it easy’.  I am always repeating that phrase to myself in the sound of Hilda’s voice.  ‘Don’t think too much its unhealthy’.

I stayed at hers as it had gotten late.  On the walk back to my place in the morning, we checked out a few new apartments for rent.  When I was about to give up on the search, we stopped at one more place.  Turned out to be a great solution to my living situation much cheaper, safe, new and clean.

Without much effort at all the universe has provided me with a lovely new place to call home.

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