Fear and Doubt Have No Place Here

As we have concluded the practical aspects of our separation, the time has come for Lucas and I to part ways.  Last night I received a call from my mom.  Hadn’t spoken much with the family other then by email as of late.  To be honest I didn’t even consult with them when making the big decision.  Sometimes if we listen too much to the chatter of others the noise masks the truth in our heart.

‘What are you going to do about money…why don’t you just come home and spend some time with your family’.  Now that I have found my way I am not turning back, not out of fear or embarrassment but because I have faith!  I know with all my heart if I keep pushing forward that the universe will provide a way.  My dream is starting to unfold but it will not come easily.  For a moment I felt the dark cloud coming and blocking the rays of hope.
As I arrived on the beach at 6am for my sunrise yoga practice, I could see a fisherman’s boat in the distance.  It was all alone surrounded by a smoke like fog.  It didn’t matter if you looked up, down, left or right.  Everything was blank, the only certainty that existed was the movement of the waves.  
Much like the fisherman’s boat, I cannot see what lays before me behind clouds of fog.  But I can imagine and dream of what I will find.  My life is my canvas and my decisions and thoughts bring my dreams into reality.

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