Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

I stood in front of the mirror starring at the dresses we were finalising for Elizabeth Grace London.  This should have been a time to rejoice for it was my first collection almost complete.  But there was an emptiness tugging at my heart.

The last stop was to another factory to discuss products for my clients and my mother & daughter collection.  We finished at about 7pm, when Gede the caretaker from my property came to collect me from the factory.  The warm tropical air rushed by while I held on to the back of the motorbike.  My heart still heavy from yesterdays decision to end our 7 year relationship.
I returned to my room to find Lucas on skype.  We had a loving and honest chat which brought me to tears while warming my heart at the same time.  I am so blessed despite this difficult time, as the universe has granted me the most loving close to this chapter of our lives as a couple.
I unpacked some of the Elizabeth Grace dresses and had a little fashion show in my bedroom.  It was then that I began to see my dreams transforming themselves into reality.

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