My 9-5 Work Day in Bali

Aside from having a great time enjoying sunrise yoga on the beach, surfing and making great friends.  I usually run around town visiting fabric shops, finding interesting handcrafts and checking up on samples.

At the moment I am finalizing the Elizabeth Grace London collection.  I then have three potential clients for the sourcing agency.  The initial step involves me seeking out manufacturing and sourcing materials.  Once that step is complete the sampling begins with several factories.  I will take the end result to cost and quality compare.

The next few fashion projects that I am working to design:

  1. Yoga Collection
  2. Matching Mother & Daughter Beach Dresses
  3. Affordable Summer Dresses
  4. Handmade Loungewear
  5. Semi-Formal Summer Dresses
  6. Easy cheap beach jewellery

It is pretty affordable to sample various products in Bali, but the challenge is to keep the quality up to high standards and to be done in an efficient manner.  There are a lot of religions and various ceremonies, so it feels like people are always taking time off from work.  In addition, some workers have to return back to their villages as it is common that a family member may become very ill.

Despite my understanding of building key relationships with each manufacturer it is important to spread the risk.  So that if there is a delay or issue that cannot be resolved at one factory the product can easily shift over to another.

During my early stage of research I thought that it was completely unacceptable for the factories to outsource work.  But after 1 month, I have come to realize that it is common practice even for the large and foreign run factories.  That said I will have to monitor the standards not only of the product, but also the working conditions for these contractors.

Not to mention the issues with protecting one’s work.  The key is to clearly state the importance of keeping the products confidential and taking your samples and printing screens with you when the production is complete.  With my agency I plan to archive and store previous samples for clients.  Even in the most reputable factories their is only so much protection you can offer.

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