Revolving Door of Friendship

I find that living in a holiday destination feels like my friendships are going through a revolving door working on overdrive.  Usually we are allowed maybe a few years to build lasting friendships before we must go our separate ways.  But here in Bali the frequency is much higher and the intervals of time way shorter.  That’s not to say that a few days matter any less than a few years.  Sometimes people come into your life for a brief moment, but remain in your heart for a lifetime.

I remember telling a close friend that I was leaving London.  ‘Ahhh I am so happy for you, but also selfishly sad’ she confessed.  I am now in a similar position with my friend Hilda, she has been such a great support for me.  Though I now realize it is easy to try to hold onto things, but what is important is not the posession of it but the appreciation.

In 1 months time, I have met some really fantastic individuals.  Although I will miss their presence here with me in Bali…I am blessed that our paths had crossed at all.

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