Familiarity Breeds Discontent

Leaving the states at 22 and moving to London was my first great adventure!  I fell in love with everything from the little corner flower stalls, windows dressed with desserts and night lights glimmering over the Thames.  Seven years later this magical place became grey, cold and suffocating.

I met another American living in Bali for sometime, but he seemed completely over it.  Just that morning, I opened my terrace door to the sound of the flowing water fountain and sunshine peering in through the trees.

As I road on the back of the motor bike holding on to my bag of fabrics, I was filled with so much joy.  I felt like the world had just opened up and paved the way for all my dreams to come true.

My fear is that I can repeat history and become like the gentleman in the cafe.  Maybe it is his time to find a new dream in another land.  Regardless, I do hope that I can remain present and not lose myself in discontent.  Only time will tell, but for now I have to say that I am madly in love with Bali.

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