Its About How Many Times We Get Back Up

Just before going for my surf lesson, the 40 something Norwegian guy sitting next to us said ‘I will never learn to surf’.  You spend 90% of the time working to catch the wave and only 10% of it actually surfing.’ Surfing is a lot like me building this business in Bali.  I will spend most of the time learning, correcting and realigning my movements.  But I know that its not completely about catching waves or making this business a success that matters. Its about the process and as commonly stated the journey. Its about pushing ourselves, especially when we are tired and want to give up.  And most importantly remembering why we are doing it in the first place.

After sipping a cup of Balinese coffee, he mentioned how dangerous it is and how many people he has seen with injuries.  I thought to begin to tell him that its not about catching waves, but I realised that I cannot change his way of thinking.  Sometimes we all have a way of seeing the world.  This is his.

When I got out on the water I wasn’t present and I became distracted by his words.  The lesson was not my best, falling instead of standing.  ‘I can’t help but laugh the guy said when I returned, seeing you fall reminded me why I won’t surf’.

In my new friends eyes I was wasting my time, but because he will never learn to surf he will never know the beauty of the experience.  Its also about going for something we want and falling many times over, but getting stronger and better every time we pick ourselves up.

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