Some people give up just before they’re about to achieve success…

This journey has been a true test of my faith.  It started out with designers not wanting to share their experiences, to seeing very poor quality production and then hearing about the challenges with dishonest employees.  But despite the setbacks I know with all my heart that the walls will start coming down and a beautiful path will unfold.  That’s the amazing thing about faith, we don’t know the how but we move forward with passion and conviction!

I have been chiseling away at this Bali production barrier.  Lucas says I am like a little pitbull, when I have my mind set on something…there is nothing stopping me.  I won’t let go!

Finally a breakthrough, I met an English woman that I am not only happy to sample with for one of my big clients, but who is also an inspiration.  Not only did she build a successful manufacturing company, but she and her husband have created a beautiful orphanage housing 59 children.

This is just the start, but it usually happens this way.  If we choose to move forward after being tested the universe rewards us.  I am so blessed to be on this journey and will never take it for granted!  The vision is becoming a reality.  The impossible is possible!  If you just believe.

Another Video:

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