Coming Full Circle

Being born on a remote island in Indonesia I use to wonder what kind of person would I be if my parents never left Indonesia.  Now instead I think about the opportunities given to me and how I can share those with the community around.  Whether teaching English in a massage shop or fashion business in a factory.

Indonesians want their kids to obtain an education to escape factory life, I received an education and am returning to it.  Today’s visit to the factory turned into more of a lesson in fashion business.  Since it was Sunday no one was working in the factory but the owner.  Ibu M’s daughter Wielda, 17 is very keen to learn about fashion business and the design process.

Though I was surprised when she went blank when I mentioned Kate Moss, Alexander McQueen or anything at all in terms of the fashion industry.  In school they focus on basic skills like knowing fabrics and garment construction.  Which if I think about it makes sense given the type of work she will be doing in the future.  In time her mother wants her to take over the factory.

We had a long lesson using the tailors chalk and table I was working from as a board.  At the moment I am really keen to recruit a good intern to assist in building the collections.  Wielda seems interested, but has a demanding schedule working 6 days a week for work experience in a showroom.

After the factory I taught English for about 2 hours.  I was happy to see progress in one of my students after just one day.

Another Video:


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