Bali Fashion Detectives

I always joke with Reddy to say that we are the Bali Fashion Detectives.  I came here with one reference to a manufacturer, after that it has all been footwork.  Going from one place to the next asking where to find certain types of manufacturing.

Yes there are definitely places on the main roads that service the tourists.  They offer custom made items ranging from garments, shoes, bags and more.  Those prices are typically inflated because they must pay for the store front and know the tourist are willing to pay more.

I want to go directly to the place that the items are made.  Also very interested in finding special handcraft skills that are closely associated with Bali.  We visited the Bali Export Development Organisation which is a not for profit entity that services small to medium size businesses.  The rep referred me on to a few of their members that own businesses in Bali.

From her recommendation we decided to make the journey to a traditional Balinese market to seek out where the manufacturing is done for the handmade fabric Songket.  The drive led us on to the market in Klungklung then to the factory in Sideman Road.  Sideman Road is so beautiful!  You are surrounded by rice fields, banana trees, mountains and blue skies.  I will def do a photoshoot there.  Also it is relatively quiet.

During our travels we found a place that makes handmade Balinese lace.

I have made a list from the Alibaba website and will use that as a reference, but am focused on more of the home industry style manufacturers.  Most of the manufacturing in Bali is done in a part of someones house.  Even the Songket factory was just at the top of a small store front.

Also by traveling around the island and finding out where things are sourced, I can gain a better view of the culture and how things work here.

We are still on the case and looking forward to seeing the samples being made for the first collection!

Another Video this one is 12 minutes, but shows a view of our day.


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