‘If You Do What You Love…You Never Work A Day In Your Life’…

I have always loved this saying and had hoped that one day I could be one of the lucky few to experience it.  I finally feel like I am exploring my potential while enjoying life.

My life in London was an amazing one that I would not have traded for the world, but there comes a time when one must move forward.  Change if embraced can bring forth spectacular shifts in ones mind and then in ones life.

There was a little quote on the file I bought recently that said ‘if you surrender to the wind, you can ride it’.  It hit home at the most perfect moment.  My first day I freaked out a bit about being in Bali and seeing how different things are here. It set in that this is permanent and I am not just on a little holiday.

This feeling was a familiar one. I felt this way, while spending time in Jakarta during my early teens.  It was culture shock.  At that time all I could think about was want to go back to the United States.  Over the years I have regretted not embracing Indonesia and the culture.

I have surrendered to my life here and am willing to see what adventures it has in store for me.  I am loving every minute now, from joking with Reddy my (personal assistant/driver/friend) to sitting on the floor and eating at the local Warung.

I am Indonesian, even if I don’t look it completely or speak perfectly, this is who I am.  I want to discover the beauty of the island and also that of myself.

Just Uploaded my first video on Youtube:

Feeling a bit awkward doing a video, but my little sister says that it could be interesting!

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