Even in Paradise…

It’s amazing how quickly we revert back to our old ways.  When I first arrived I was so consumed with all the little things: the warm sunshine, the butterflies fluttering around the swimming pool.  It has only taken me a week to lose that focus and to allow my mind to consume.

Busy thoughts of the future and expectations.  I didn’t move to the other side of the world to maintain these old unhealthy thought patterns.  It is as they say, it doesn’t matter where you go, one can never escape the self.

Even as a child I was obsessive with my work.  In elementary school I received every award that could be granted for the graduation ceremonies.  In middle school my parents were called in for a parent teacher meeting, as my instructor was worried that I would burn out before high school.  She would drive by my house after school to make sure I was playing with my friends, instead of working too diligently on my assignments.  If it weren’t for her I probably would have attended Harvard with a scholarship.  I guess I should settle for having been granted a childhood.  That said I have a tendency to obsess over my work.

Even in paradise, I have found myself plotting away at my computer researching and writing notes from inside my hotel room.  Having trouble sleeping and designing a collection in the wee hours of the morning.  As a compromise I have recently began working from the patio of my room.

Over the past 3 years I have engaged with power yoga on and off.  My practise really helps me to first of all stay fit, but also work toward stilling the mind.  It really does take a lot of discipline and commitment to continue ones practise regularly.

I would say my biggest challenge ahead is not the work involved in setting up these businesses, but more so stilling the mind.

In our society we praise high performance and productivity, but one thing we neglect to see and appreciate is the value in stillness.

In time I hope to get to this place.

Namaste from Bali!

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