The Journey Begins

Some people go through their lives never knowing what they are meant to do.  I have known since I was 18.  I was meant to dedicate my life in the service of those in need.  2013 is the year that all my dreams are coming true!  9 days ago I left my life in London to move to Bali and start building a fashion empire that will fund various humanitarian projects.

I reached one of the many crossroads of my life a few months back.  I was made to choose between the traditional path of climbing the ‘corporate ladder’ or go for what I really want.

The seed was planted during my early college years while working as a retail manager for Hugo Boss.  I wanted to make a real difference.  It all started when I chose to move to London in 2006 instead of going into charity work abroad.

The initial plan was to:
  1. Learn as much as possible in the fashion industry
  2. Complete a Business Degree then a Masters
  3. Work at a senior level for luxury fashion house
  4. Start-up my own fashion companies
  5. Sell them for profit
  6. Use those funds towards various humanitarian projects
  7. The cycle would repeat with the launch of new fashion concepts in order to produce a sustainable charity model that is not purely donation dependent.

During the course of 7 years: I completed my Business Degree, Masters Fashion Entrepreneurship (London College of Fashion), New Creative Ventures Masters Course at London Business School…met the love of my life and landed my dream job!

After 1 year in the new job my plans accelerated and I took the leap of faith with the support of my loving partner.  Instead of taking a great promotion at the fashion house I chose to action fashion concepts I developed during the Master programs.  That’s when I really began to dream of Bali as the next step.

I think people may have thought I was completely nuts talking about Bali as if I was already living there.  I had even started selling much of my winter clothing on eBay.  We hadn’t any concrete plans of moving there.

Whenever someone would come over I would show them my little vision board with the images of the compound we are going to create.  Once I fully committed to this dream things started happening so quickly.  Lucas my partner was offered a redundancy package and we made the decision together to make a life in Bali.  Lucas a former banker turned yogi will work to manage the humanitarian side of things, while I manage the running of the fashion businesses.

Stay tuned for how the journey unfolds.

Thank you universe for giving me more then I could have ever dreamed!

with love from sunny Bali,



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