Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane

It wasn’t completely clear in my head that I was leaving London for good and on my own until I watched Lucas and our little cockapoo drive off to France.  I remember the snow falling along with my tears.  I took one last look and then I had to move forward.  I would work very hard the next few months to make Bali happen for us.  Just so I can welcome them to Bali 6 months from now in October.

The flight was fantastic! Easter break just finished so it was a pretty empty flight.  I had three seats all to myself.  When I arrived in Bali it felt as if I was going on holiday.  Not that I had left the world I had known and my family behind.

Lucas and I decided that for various reasons that I would go ahead and set up shop in Bali while he and our furry child stay in the South of France.  His mom just retired there from Sweden.  So it worked out perfectly in that sense.

I knew this journey is one that I must walk alone.  I have been wanting these dreams to unfold for almost 12 years and now they are. The challenge is to turn nothing into something.

I arrived at the airport welcome area to meet my friend Esther a family friend of my parents.  Who I have come to know and love.  We dropped my things off at my hotel, I quickly changed out of my London attire: black skinny J brands, tuxedo blazer and black Chanel ballerinas.  My feet were def sweating with the heat.

Feeling much more comfortable in my navy heidi klein combi shorts and havaianas, we drove together with Esther’s friend James.  I began practicing my rough bahasa (Indonesian).  I was telling them how my furry child just had a special haircut that looks like she has skin cancer.  Rather funny to say in Indonesian.

After enjoying an delicious nasi goreng (fried rice).  We returned to my hotel and I finally settled to sleep in my new home for the next month.

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